5 Great Games to Play on a Buck's Party Bus

Having a buck's party bus hire for your buck's weekend is a great way to keep the gang together and ensure everyone has safe transportation. However, you don't have to restrict the fun to the pubs and clubs. You can also have fun on the buck's bus.

Here are five bus-friendly games and entertaining ideas, perfect for your last night as a "free man":

1. I Never…

"I Have Never" is a fun ice breaker or drinking game played in many parts of the world. The player who starts stands up and says "I have never—" and finishes the sentence any way he wants.

Everyone who has done that thing must take a drink. If no one takes a drink, the person who suggested the statement must take a drink. This game is great for getting to know the other people at the buck's party, and it is a fun way to reminisce about the wild bachelor years.

2. Karaoke

If you would rather reveal your soul through music then tell your deepest secrets, consider doing a bit of karaoke on the bus. Most party buses have built in sound systems making karaoke easy. Prepare a few songs in advance to honour the man of the evening, or just sing off the cuff.

3. Dares in a Box

While you are on the buck's party bus, hand out a sheet of paper and a pencil to each passenger. Have everyone write a dare they would like to see the buck perform during his celebration. Have everyone pass their answers to the front of the bus and put them in a paper bag.

Mix up the answers and reveal a secret. Instead of the buck having to do all the dares, all the party guests will take one. Pass around the bag and have everyone choose his crazy dare.

4. Suggestive Banana Eating Contest

If the buck's party bus allows food on board, a suggestive banana eating contest is a hilarious game you can play sitting down. Tie two contestants hands behind their backs and place a half peeled banana between each of their legs. Now, the challenge is to see who can eat the bananas the fastest.

Add an extra element of fun to this event by videotaping all of the contestants. Share the videos on your social media accounts and see who gets the most "likes" first.

5. Travel Bingo

Travel bingo consists of a regular bingo card with traffic signs and symbols on it. If you want to have a tame buck's night, play this game as usual. However, if you want to get a bit wild, play bingo that requires you to spot exciting items such as a pair of red stilettos or a mini skirt.