3 Benefits of Self-catering City Accommodations

There are different types of city accommodations available to casual travellers and tourists. You choice will affect your general enjoyment so it is important to consider the options with regard to preference and expediency.

Generally, there are self-catering and all-inclusive packages available in the commercial hospitality industry. You can choose an all-inclusive holiday in a hotel or motel where the total charges include food and drink. Self-catering accommodations does not include the food so you can choose self-contained apartments, hotel suites or vacation rental property. Here are the main advantages linked to choosing self-catering city accommodation over other alternatives.

Meal Preference

All-inclusive hotel packages are restrictive in terms of meals; you must choose the items available on the restaurant menu. More often than not, you will have to settle for foods and drinks that you do not really love. Self-catering allows you to purchase edibles that match your preference and taste.

For instance, you can choose a city apartment with a kitchen so that you can prepare familiar regular foods for your family. This catering option is also ideal when someone in your travelling group has unique dietary needs.


There is extensive freedom in self-catering accommodation especially when you are on a vacation. Your timetable will be flexible and the touring schedule will be within your control. When you choose all-inclusive hotel packages, you may become an apparent prisoner of the establishment. For example, the meals are served within a specific period so you will have to be close by to avoid missing food that you have already paid for.

Some hotels will also include the costs of touring the city so this will further rob you of your independence. If you want an authentic travelling experience, choose accommodation that allows you to step into the local lifestyle.


General travellers and tourists choose all-inclusive packages because they eliminate the need to spend money daily. However, you can make more savings by purchasing meals from the local supermarket and restaurants.

For breakfast, you can make tea or coffee, toast and some eggs in your accommodation space. You can also make a sandwich for lunch and explore the local eatery spots in the evening. This is much cheaper than paying for apparent gourmet meals and drinks daily. Additionally, all-inclusive catering does not cover casual snacks so you will still spend more money especially when travelling with children.

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