3 Reasons to Hire a Yacht for a Special Occasion

If you have a special occasion coming up and extra money to spend on it, why not consider hiring a yacht? While this is a high-end option that costs more than other types of vacations, it can also be something you and your friends or loved ones will remember forever. Also keep in mind that you can split the costs, so the more people enjoying the yacht, the less each of you will pay for it. Here are some great reasons to consider hiring a yacht for your special occasion.

You Can go Anywhere or Do Anything

One of the best reasons to choose a private yacht, as opposed to taking a cruise, is that you get to choose your destination and where you stop along the way. With a structured cruise, you can only pick from the available destinations, and need to adhere to the cruise ship's schedule. However, with a chartered yacht, you and your family get to decide where you're going. If you find a port in an interesting town, you can stay for as long as you like.

The Excursion is More Private

Another benefit to chartering a yacht is that you are in control of your company. You are not sharing a cruise ship with people you don't know, eating dinner with strangers, or sitting next to someone you just met in the onboard swimming pool. You can choose your favorite people in the world to enjoy the trip with you, whether it is just you and your spouse for your honeymoon, close relatives during a fun family reunion, or a big group of friends. Every activity you enjoy is only with people you know and love, adding to the entire experience.

The Crew Provides Luxury

Yachts provide a level of luxury you won't get anywhere else. Everyone that works on the hired yacht, from the chefs to the boating crew, are there to serve you and give you a spectacular vacation. They do their job very well, and are often chosen from dozens of applicants. You know you will be getting an unforgettable experience by choosing a luxury yacht. You can even customise certain aspects of the yacht trip knowing you are working with an experienced crew, such as asking them about secret spots in the Virgin Islands most people don't know about or having your favorite dish prepared for breakfast.

For the next family reunion, milestone birthday party, or anniversary trip, consider getting together with the people you love the most and renting a yacht hire for a memorable vacation.