Top Tips for Managing a Successful Pub

Managing a pub is not like managing a standard family restaurant, as the atmosphere and the menu you would expect to see in a pub is different than what you would find in a standard restaurant or diner. Managing a successful pub will mean understanding and respecting these differences, so you are sure to offer the menu your customers will want and the ambiance they expect. Note a few top tips for managing a successful pub anywhere in the world.

1. Create a signature drink

To make your pub stand out from the crowd, create a signature drink or serve a special craft beer or ale. This should be something that appeals to a wide range of customers; it can be a drink that's not too sweet or not overly dry or a beer that has just a slightly sweet taste that most drinkers will enjoy. Be sure you use the name of the drink in your advertising so that people associate your pub with that concoction.

2. Know your sports schedules

People often visit a pub to watch the games, whether it's Australian rules football, American football, rugby, or the like. Know your sports schedules and be sure you have the most popular games on the televisions; invest in several televisions so you can run different games during playoff season or when sports seasons overlap. You can also use this in your advertising; run drink specials during certain games or advertise that the game will be on the big screen so patrons will schedule a visit to your pub accordingly.

3. Keep it clean

A pub can be somewhat rowdy but this doesn't mean your crowd will overlook a mess on the tables or unkempt washrooms. A clean pub can be more inviting and one that appeals to a wide range of customers, whereas one that looks as if it hasn't been swept or wiped down in ages may be a turn off even to a diehard sports fan or someone just looking for a quick drink. 

4. Train your staff

The relaxed atmosphere of a pub doesn't mean you should overlook training your staff. Be sure they know pour amounts so customers get a consistent product with each visit and you're not giving away inventory improperly, and ensure that your staff knows to serve the customers responsibly so you don't face liability suits for those who leave the pub inebriated. Even if they come from another pub, take the time to ensure your staff is properly trained in serving drinks, keeping the game on the TV, and the like. 

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