3 Benefits of Self-catering City Accommodations

There are different types of city accommodations available to casual travellers and tourists. You choice will affect your general enjoyment so it is important to consider the options with regard to preference and expediency. Generally, there are self-catering and all-inclusive packages available in the commercial hospitality industry. You can choose an all-inclusive holiday in a hotel or motel where the total charges include food and drink. Self-catering accommodations does not include the food so you can choose self-contained apartments, hotel suites or vacation rental property.

5 Great Games to Play on a Buck's Party Bus

Having a buck's party bus hire for your buck's weekend is a great way to keep the gang together and ensure everyone has safe transportation. However, you don't have to restrict the fun to the pubs and clubs. You can also have fun on the buck's bus. Here are five bus-friendly games and entertaining ideas, perfect for your last night as a "free man": 1. I Never… "I Have Never" is a fun ice breaker or drinking game played in many parts of the world.